ANGLICKÁ LOKALIZACE pokladního systému

ANGLICKÁ LOKALIZACE pokladního systému

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Enlargement offers complete localization of POS system AWIS into English . Translated are all available information and functions that the software contains. Cashier can thus be used in English-speaking territories.

Professional cash system is designed for restaurants, bars, pizzerias, Hotels and other Types of hospitality. In a summary, the system includes a cash register for the charging tables and the storage (even more storages), a database of clients, streets ...
Professional Cash System is designed for restaurants, bars, pizzerias, Hotels and other Types of hospitality. In a summary, the system includes a cash register for the charging tables and the storage (the more storage), a database of clients, streets, and delivery system, reception, invoices, mirror, price list (for Internet cafes), property, currency, credit cards, meal vouchers (tickets), cash book, printing balance of an account, an overview of shift, sales shift, daily survey, employee attendance, statistics, the touch screen mode, network solutions, connecting via internet, data security min. HW requirements.

Cash desk - the main part for the staff

Cash module is optimized for the quick and easy charging by touch. In Cash module work with the touch screen is getting pretty Effective. The charging Is Possible with two touches! In the cash you can charge using the mouse or keyboard very effectively, especiall by Means of three-digit codes and Selecting the search (sorting by alphabet, code) where Now you can select the item Also by typing the initial letters. Also Cash module offers a quick lock with protection against Unauthorized unlocking. Access to the cash desk is via username and password, or magnetic cards, via Eventually pasting the code by staffs. Cash register is ook in English version. Cash register offers setting up the accounts for regular Customers or Employees. For regular Customers it offers discount cards, Their records and spending. Here Is The Possibility of creating an account with a discount up to 100% Increase or (happy hours and night extra charge). At any time the cash desk Provides the sales and current account positions, ability to view account history. Furthermore Extending functions such as Microsoft merging tables, move the tables, meal vouchers (tickets) cards, membership cards, Cancellation, payment discount, price for staff, return the bill after payment, print the last bill agian, any map of the company, The division of sales by staffs, and the insertion task for staff, preprint a bill and the other options of Cash module.

Cash register - Price

Easy and friendly environment offers all the functions droughts and reading from the storage, the Possibility to define the structure of meals, cocktails, mirror, inventory. Also you can edit the structure of the items in the price list Very Easily (eg Cuba Libre Havana x = 0.05 + 0.01 x 0.3 x Limetsirup-Cola). At the cash desk, in the part price list, here is the ability to set special rates are for staff (staff prices). Our Cash register includes clear standardization. Calculation of food, cocktails. Evidence despite EAN codes and Consecutive sale, print codes, editor of EAN.

Cash register - Statistics 

Very Comprehensive Solution Allows Large Quantities of tabular reports (incomes, outgoings, monthly reports, summary of attendance, sales per day, per month or a fixed time period. Decrease from the storage and others). Anything is inserted into the cash desk, it is saved forever and never will not delete from the database. If Necessary to repair the charging, the cash desk generates an evidence About Cancellation. In the cash reports you can view all of canceled items, Refunds, storage, write-offs.

Cash register - Storage

Well Arranged application Allows you to keep storage and storage evidence Easily and Quickly. It offers the setting of a minimum of amount of stocks. The user is Notified Timely, It Is Necessary to supply the storage. At any time you can see the current state of the storage, the sum of the state of the storage in CZK, the average purchase price, storage cards, searching and sorting for a quick overview. Cash desk Also offers to export into Excel. Sales statistics and an overview of the various items in the bills. The Possibility of establishing more storages.

Cash register- Invoicing

This part offers Everything you need: receipt or the Cancellation of invoices from Suppliers. This way it is Purchased the goods in the storage. The sheet of all incoming invoices, Possibility of setting due invoices. Of course there are Also statistics for sum of invoices for a time period, automatic bidding the last price for fast Placing, reports and other functions.

Cash register - Database Client 

Cash system database has the Possibility of the enrollment of information about the Customers. Cash desk is Able to monitor spending statistics, favorite food, drink and the seat. Setting debit function - go into debt, sending welcome email, bulk emailing. Client database serves Mainly for the food delivery, reception and quick charging. Also it can be use at ambitious clubs such as Microsoft member clubs, memberships, cash system for golf clubs and all business client Where evidence is needed, Their Extensive statistical and other reports That cash offers. 

Cash register - Delivery system, information boards 

Very interesting feature Offered by the cash register. It Allows registration of clients, streets, spending statistics. Identification of the incoming numbers for unbeatable price! Additional features for the delivery of food. Database streets. Possibility of inserting the own distance. Calculate the price per km. Cash desk Supports information Displayed on LCD monitors. Up to 4 screens from one PC. These boards are Used to display the daily menu, or display ads.

Cash register - Table booking

Well Arranged evidence of table booking, clients. Bills overview in the system Directly or in the charging part Cash - company on the map! The Possibility of establishing more seats, floors in the company. Export of the ENGAGED seats on the web (interconnection of the cash and internet, exports and reports on the web).

Cash register - Reception desk for pensions

A simple and clear solution Offering booking of rooms, occupancy survey, Confirmed and unconfirmed booking of rooms, Types of rooms to book (Marked with name and room), half-board price setting and other functions required for booking. Export occupancy on the web.

Cash register - Property - Cash book - printings

List of property, inventory, currency settings. The system tracks all movements in the cash register. It prints daily and monthly Deadlines, sales shift, sales per day, decreases the range in the cash register.

Cash register - Network Solutions 

Comprehensive solution for pretty large multi-payment terminals, bars and kitchens. The solution includes a database server + unlimited number of client workstations and printers. This solution will save your time and money. Of course When you buy a system server, you will get the Significant discount by buying a license only for other terminals. The connection via internet is the interesting thing, or the Possibility to service the regular backups of the database on the Internet.

Cash register - Data Security 

All data is immediately sent to the server (a network version), in the case of a crash or accident, there is not any reason to lose the data. In the case of a complete solution (hardware AWIS), the cash register is Supplied with UPS backup source in case of power outage. Also Cash System offers regular backup via SMTP protocol on the web or email.

Another interesting option for Demanding buyers is a bought of specific plug-ins. 

Mobile POS PDA AWIS - AWIS PDA, WiFi system is INTENDED primarily for busy restaurant but Also Other Types of restaurants. PDA system Allows the waiter always to have and carry a complete range of restaurants, it has not only the advantage of faster charging, but Also checks of Employees. This mobile waiter offers stability, comfort and unbeatable price. Installing all over the CZ and SK. 
Map of company - offers an elegant Possibility to create a map of tables in the company with the Possibility of editing placement of tables, Their size and other parameters. The Possibility of creating multiple floors and rooms and the assigning of the Particular premises by the staff with a unique feature. This system will Facilitate the transparent and very accounting, occupancy of the tables and Allows Customers to settle the at His coming. This feature is widely Used in luxury facilities, Where The establishment is using the services of a receptionist at the entrance.
Reception desk for pensions - Very clear module offers All That is Needed for the operation of the pension. From all reports, via so called "ladder" Offering you easy and convenient to book the room or house to view occupancy, to export all information. Of course there is an automatic calculation of full board, half board, etc. 
Customer Module - A very interesting Opportunity for the brave WHO companies do not want to be average. This module Allows you to create prestigious Customers card for the VIP or permanent members. This can keep a complete record of the customer, Including His favorite seat, a favorite food or drink. Furthermore it is interesting to Be Able to pay by VIP customer card at the bar with the Possibility of payment at the leaving or Maintaining an account of the customer. This module and Its use can Exactly Easily modify the according to your wishes. 
Commission Module - A module Useful for All Employers who does not want to worry about distribution of tips and Similar commissions. The system is simple to set, Which employee Receives the commission, Whether a Particular sum or easy to use for commissions from sales and from Performed services. It is very effective in a company with small differences Between staff. 
Wall board - Enough boards and chalk. This module Allows you to Easily and Quickly view the current selection of dishes, drinks, cocktails, or the OTHERWISE attractive offer up to three large LCD screens simultaneously. Get it on what people hear. 
Delivery System - This system will simplify the operations of your delivery company. Keeps track of all Customers, you do not always have to ask the same customer for the same address. It offers the Possibility of special offers such as Microsoft favorite happy hour or night extra charge. The identification number of the caller for an unbeatable price is pretty unique !! In connection with the Customer module can be based on a telephone number to see different information about the droughts and customer delivery address, favorite food, and at the order problem in the past. 
Fully functional version of the Cash module and sample databases are available for download on our website
Opportunity's tour of Extensive galleries of all systems AWIS! Cash systems, parking systems, invoicing systems, CRM, e-shops, editorial systems and more. 
We Also offer treatment system the according to customer requirements.


Systém Awis je pro nás od začátku obrovským přínosem a velkým pomocníkem, bez kterého si již provoz nedokážeme představit.

Pomáda bageterie Doodles

Díky systému Awis mám vše dokonale pod kontrolou a naše studio by bez něj už nemohlo fungovat tak efektivně a dokonale jako funguje teď.


Díky pokladnímu systému AWIS se můžeme starat jen o čerstvost našich produktů a dělat radost našim zákazníkům.

Cukrárna Rio

Jsem specialista na zdraví a krásu vlasů a se systémem Awis na to mám mnohem více času než kdy před tím nejen díky jeho snadnému ovládání.

Michael Holinka .cz

Rád bych poděkoval za pokladní systém Awis, přehledný a lehce použitelný systém pro můj obchod s luxusním vínem.

Pavel Vrzáček

Pexeso od Awisu nám umožňuje denně obsloužit více jak 500 klientů už téměř 3 roky. Děkujeme za Pexeso a jeho skvělé funkce.

Cafe Lavende

Pokladna Awis nám velmi ulehčila podnikání a my se tak můžeme věnovat zlepšování služeb našim spokojeným zákazníkům.

Hospůdka Ve Dvoře

Pokladní systém využíváme již 5 rokem a spokojenost jen roste. Komplexní služby, které pokladní systém Awis nabízí, řídí restauraci skoro samy.

Restaurace Na Břehu

Bez awisu si již nedokážu vedení restaurace představit. Mnoho modulů a přehlednost mi ulehčuje každý den práci. Jsme rádi, že nám pomáháte.

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